(past tense and past participle let) verb
1) [T] to allow something to happen, or to allow someone to do something
Alice's mum won't let her come with us.[/ex]
I stepped back and let him pass.[/ex]
The large windows let in a lot of light.[/ex]
2) [T] used for offering to do something
Here, let me help you.[/ex]
3) [I/T] British
to rent a room, flat, house etc to someone
There are three flats to let (= available to be rented) in the building.[/ex]
He's let his cottage to some people from London.[/ex]
let alone — used for saying that something is even less likely to happen than another unlikely thing[/ex]
I hardly have time to think these days, let alone relax.[/ex]
let sb go — 1) to allow a person or animal to go free (= release)[/ex]
The police had to let her go because of insufficient evidence.[/ex]

— 2) informalto officially tell someone that they can no longer work at a job

We have had to let several staff go.[/ex]
let (sb/sth) go — to stop holding someone or something[/ex]
Let me go![/ex]
Reluctantly, he let go of her arm.[/ex]
let sth go/pass — to not react to something annoying that someone says[/ex]
The remark made me furious, but I let it pass.[/ex]
let sb have itinformal to attack or criticize someone severely[/ex]
let sb know — to tell someone something[/ex]
Let us know what time your plane arrives.[/ex]
let sb know — to tell someone something[/ex]
Let me know when he arrives.[/ex]
let's — 1) used for suggesting that you and one or more other people do something[/ex]
Let's eat now.[/ex]

— 2) let's face it used for saying that someone must admit that a situation exists

Let's face it - he just can't do this job.[/ex]

— 3) let's hope used for saying that you hope something is true or will happen

Let's hope she never finds out the truth.[/ex]

— 4) let's say/suppose (that) used for suggesting that a possible situation needs to be considered

Let's say you lose. What will you do then?[/ex]
let's see — 1) used for suggesting that you and one or more other people should find the answer to something[/ex]
Let's see if it works.[/ex]

— 2) let's see; let me see spokenused for saying that you need a moment to think about something

Let's see - where was I?[/ex]
let yourself goinformal 1) to relax and stop trying to control your emotions or behaviour; 2) to stop caring about your health or appearance[/ex]
He's really let himself go in the past few years.[/ex]
- let sb down
- let sb in
- let sb in on sth
- let sb off
- let on
- let sb/sth out
- let sth out
- let up

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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